Ancient Secret Beauty Just for You

An Ancestral Know-How at the Service of Nature

In Morocco, women have always devoted time and energy to their beauty. Using nature’s precious resources, ancient generations invented preparations and beauty rituals that are now part of every Moroccan woman’s heritage.

We take more than just pride in the provenance of our natural ingredients. We bear an environmental and social responsibility to ensure that they are harvested ethically and sustainably. We will share with you ancient beauty rituals that have been passed down from generation to generation to my family and secret techniques that have been perfected over hundreds of years.


Organic Harvest With Love

Scrupulously selected for their exceptional qualities, they are then harvested and transformed with infinite care to keep every one of their precious properties intact. Handcrafted in small batches with high quality, certified organic ingredients.

Trust Nature

Your body needs the right nutrients to stay healthy, and your skin is no different. Invest in products you can use with a clear conscience. Our new generation of 100% healthy products is smart, modern, authentic, and luxurious. A range of products based on natural ingredients.

Our Founder

Professional Organic Skincare Formulator, Creator & Founder

HI there! Welcome to Pur Bojan ! I am Sanae Zehouani, the founder of Pur Bojan , a certified organic skincare formulator graduated from accredited Organic Skincare School in the UK. I was asked often how I came to be a formulator. The answer is deeply personal. My love and adventures in skincare formulation began at a young age. When I was five years old, I remember mashing up herbs, distilling Moroccan wildflowers and mixing clays to help my grandmother making batches of her ancient secret formulas for her clients. She was known as the healer in Organic ethnobotanical & apothecary. In my early twenties. I discovered that my daughter and I developed a sensitivity to synthetic fragrances and a list of irritants. In my mid-thirties, my chemical sensitivities increased, and I become more aware of the effect of the environment on my well-being and health. My solution was to immerse my ethical knowledge in studying plants, clays, herbs and ultimately creating formulas.

Pur Bojān was in 2019. It literally means pure Berber original Argān and we were born out of a desire to create high-quality products from the best natural ingredients while paying homage to our rich Moroccan and Berber heritage. Because we draw inspiration from our roots, many of our products are reminiscent of recipes that have been used by our ancestors for generations. The unique amalgamation of Pur Bojan origins and Canadian influence has produced a modern fusion of luxurious, deeply satisfying natural and organic products that we are sure you will enjoy just as much as we enjoy making them for you.


Our Partners

Our partner owned agricultural cooperative that was founded in 2012 in Oulad Fraj in the area of El Jadida , a town on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. The idea of creating this union was born a dual commitment to ensure both regular and sustainable income for women and men whose only qualification is the harvest and production of local products, and secondly, develop their full natural products from organic production and ancestral manufacturing processes, integrating them into a new process that better preserves the virtues of these products while meeting the requirements and international standards.
The development of natural resources of this region generates jobs and stable incomes for its population. The project in itself is based on the encouragement and support of the solidarity economy. Thanks to the cooperative” NADA ‘ ‘, 10 women and 3 men shall attend to the needs of their families , and more of the indirect jobs that are born around this activity.
Our products are authentic, natural and 100% organic. Besides the oil extracted from prickly pear seeds (not to be confused with the macerate of the prickly pear which does not have the same effects on the skin), the cooperative also markets Argan oil, black soap, Rhassoul clay, Rose water, Orange Blossom and lavender. All local products, bearing the same label of mother nature. These products have a certificate of compliance with the requirements of organic agriculture by CCPB (NOP & USDA), a certificate relating to compliance with international standards issued by EACCE (Autonomous establishment for the control and coordination of exports under the Moroccan ministry of Agriculture) and the certificate from ONSSA (Moroccan National Food Safety Office). These internationally recognized certifications, a guarantee of our credibility and the authenticity of our products, allow us to access the Canadian, Chinese, French, Belgian, Italian, Senegalese and Saudi Arabian markets… with confidence.